Spreekader Aufnahmen


Spreekader Aufnahmen is a new Berlin based Label. Not knowing where this will end we are just starting our journey and would love you to join us along the way.

If you like what we are doing, we would need a little help from our friends.

“TUSNELDA” needs your help – this project is looking for support.”TUSNELDA” is the next release on Spreekader Aufnahmen and we want to get this girl on a cover!So if you like what you see, feel free to support it by sharing, liking, or even funding. Donate 20,00€ and you will receive the signed Vinyl and three postcards with my artwork!

“Metrophonique – Zipper Blues” out now.

New Year, new release. Zipper Blues (SKA003) is an exciting mixture between energetic rolling sounds and laid back-mood. The EP is a co-production by two very talented guys from Milan, Italy, called Metrophonique they created two Original Mixes that pick you up right where you are.
Last but not least the Ferdinand Dreyssig remix of “Zipper Blues” makes it a great EP.

Get your copy on beatport